Visa interview is most important part of the whole visa process. A successful interview can have greater positive impact in visa grant decision. Following are some of the most common mistakes people make during the interview.

1. Not Prepared Well for the Interview

Being prepared for interview can better equip you for the interview. A prior research and preparation for commonly asked questions and their appropriate answer will be helpful during the interview.

2. Not Providing Complete and Truthful Information

It is very important that you provide complete and truthful information. Any incomplete/false information can lead to unnecessary delay. False information can have severe impact on your future ability to apply for US visa. It may also cause you lot of frustration and legal actions against you.

3. Providing Incomplete Documentation

Must carry all the required documentation with complete and authentic information. Read all the prerequisites and prepare all the documents accordingly. Keeping your documentation well organized can also leave a positive impression on the consulate officer.


4. Providing Unnecessary Extra Information

Do not give away any information voluntarily which is not being asked. In many cases, people trying to be over confident and over smart give out more detailed answers than is required. This may trigger additional related questions which may not work in your favor.

For example:

Question: Why do you want to go to the US?
Wrong Answer: I want to see how USA is and if I like it I want to stay back with my son.
Preferred Answer: For tourism purpose and/or to spend some quality time with my son/daughter.

5. Appearing to be Nervous

Being confident can bring positive results. Especially, incase of visa interview where a consulate officer has to rely on limited information provided by you. Their judgment is highly influenced by the way you react to questions, your body language, and the authenticity of you answers.


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