Manitoba is located between Ontario and Saskatchewan.More and more people from all around the world are moving to Manitoba. You and your family will enjoy Manitoba’s relaxed way of life.

All newcomers are welcome to settle in Manitoba’s friendly towns and cities. You can enjoy all that the province has to offer, including:

  • help to newcomers who want to:
  • find a good job
  • start a new business
  • settle into a new life in Manitoba
  • a strong economy offering many jobs
  • more than 200 languages spoken in different parts of the province (English is the official language)

Express Entry Manitoba

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) enables the province to attract the exact immigrants best suited for the local job market. Manitoba recognizes the many benefits skilled immigrants can bring to both the economy and society. For this reason, the Manitoba PNP was established in order to expedite the immigration process for talented individuals who wish to live within the province. There are two different ways a prospective immigrant can go about applying to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program 2018. Outside of Express Entry, they can send an Expression of Interest (EOI) directly to Immigration Manitoba. If given a Manitoba nominee certificate from the MPNP, the person can then apply to become a Canada permanent resident using Express Entry by creating a new profile and uploading their credentials.

Alternatively, people interested in immigration to Manitoba through the MPNP can start out by creating a Canada Express Entry profile that formally shows an interest in Manitoba immigration. The Immigration Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program can send the person a Notification of Interest (NOI) via Express Entry, inviting the prospective immigrant to submit an EOI to the program. If given a Manitoba nomination, the potential immigrant’s Express Entry profile will then be instantly credited with the nomination certificate providing him or her with an additional 600 points under the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System. This significant increase in CRS score should secure the person an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian Permanent Residency during the next Express Entry draw. Our Canada immigration professional can optimize your Express Entry profile for Manitoba immigration through the MPNP 2018. We can also assist you with the Manitoba PNP application process, and once nominated can help you prepare your Canada PR application. Canadian Permanent Resident applications processed through Express Entry are much faster, often taking less than 6 months.

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